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 The ILTONG Tech International Group is committed to being a world leader in the development and production of genuine and effective 'green' technologies. Quality, trust and innovation are the core values of our business.

Because of this, ILTONG is an emerging global leader in technologies that make a real difference in reducing the impact we have on the planet and as such has established itself at the forefront of developing new nanotechnologies to meet the world’s environmental challenges and to preserve our planets resources.

Over the last 15 years we have spent more than £500m on research and development and the patenting of products that reduce carbon and operational costs for our customers, products that have a genuine long lasting benefit for human health and the environment.

The ILTONG Group Head Office is based in Hong Kong with the majority of our R&D operations in South Korea.

ILTONG UK is responsible for development of the ILTONG Group outside of the Far East.

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